AZ Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue

Meet Snow.  She is a miniature poodle who had been used for breeding prior to her coming to my home.  She's only 3 years old but she has likely been sick for most of her life.  She has an extremely bad case of Valley Fever.  It has "settled" in her left front leg and causes painful swelling of the joint and seeping of fluids from the swelling.  Snow never had any vet care until she came here.  Now she is facing a very long recovery and it is possible she may not recover.  Snow will need ongoing medication and veterinary care for at least 6 months but possibly even for life.  This prevents her from being a good candidate for adoption.  Donations for Snow's medical care are greatly appreciated. Her ongoing care requires antifungal medications on a twice daily basis.


Saving One Life At A Time