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​Berkley is a very sweet 10 years young Senior Pit Bull Terrier boy. Weighing in at a solid 65 pounds, this handsome boy is lovingly known as a " Pit Tzu" here at the rescue! He was surrendered for no other reason than that after 10 years of loyalty, his owners decided that "they no longer wanted to care for him"

​Marcus is a shy, sweet dog who wants to win your affection. He craves attention once he is comfortable with you.

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​Hershey is a very sweet and very shy 6 year old chocolate coated Chihuahua girl.

​Maya is a very sensitive girl 2 to 3 year old MaltiPoo who has been very sheltered. She likely had few social interactions in her life other than her owner who passed away. She is easily frightened and very sensitive physically. We are confident that with time this will improve as it has already has since her arrival here at the rescue. Once comfortable with you, she is very loyal and will sit in your lap as long as you will let her!

AZ Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue

Corporal is a very handsome red coated Miniature Pinscher boy.
Weighing in at just 9 pounds, this little sweetheart has so wanted a place just to call home forever.

Footloose is an adorably sweet and cuddly 2 year old Chihuahua boy.
Weighing in at just 6 pounds, this little dynamo has all the personality of 20 doggies his size all wrapped into one!

​Garth is a super cute 1 year old mostly Cairn Terrier / Miniature Poodle mix boy. This little doll baby is a sweet, somewhat shy boy who is still very much a puppy. He will be a great family dog with an active family.